About DeepSpaceFX

DeepSpaceFX is the intergalactic, price action trading strategy that is transforming the approach of Forex trading worldwide. Started by myself, Brandon Peoples. I taught myself how to trade the Forex markets 5 years ago and have gone from zero, to negative 100, to hero, (so to speak). My mission is to teach traders a unique method of consistently harvesting highly unerring profits from the markets. I believe in being as transparent and genuine as possible when helping others. So this blog was essentially constructed not only as a tool, but as a public journal as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional seeking an alternative strategy. Or a complete novice who knows diddly squat about Forex. Whether you’re on a quest to build a supplemental income in addition to your full-time job, or replacing it all together. The DeepSpaceFX blog was developed to educate and equip you with a skill set, to help aid you in your every day financial life.

My motto is that “the perfect opportunities in life happen when the stars and planets align“. In the realm of Forex Trading, this motto reigns supreme.

Become a Forex astronaut, hop aboard the spaceship and journey with us into DeepSpaceFX.


Brandon Peoples