Dailypriceaction Timeframe Strategy Revealed

Hello Astronauts! The very first video of the Dailypriceaction Timeframe series has been uploaded on my Youtube Channel. This video will give you a brief history of my journey with Forex, and I’ll be sharing with you the longterm (daily) strategy that I have been currently backtesting. As of today, the system is not yet complete as I am working on adding an alerts system to trade while I’m away from the charts. Luckily, as opposed to coding one from scratch, I found an excellent stochastics tool that I can use that has already been coded and pre-compiled by a russian programmer on the MQ5 forums. This is great news for me because I have been hoping for a tool like it for years now. And it would save me a tremendous amount of time trying to build it myself, whereas now I can just purchase the tool and tweak the parameters to my liking. I’ll be sure to go deeper into this genius tool in a near future post. But I would say the Dailypriceaction Timeframe is about 70% done at this point. Check out the Dailypriceaction Timeframe video below:



In the video above, you can clearly see that the system has quite a few indicators. But this is the unofficial version and should not be treated as the complete version. Overt time as I release more updates, it is very likely that I will reduce the number of indicators that makes up this system for more simplicity. However, this is the usual process of building a profitable algorithm that can withstand different market flows and conditions. I can tell you right now that the TDI as well as a few moving averages will be removed in the next update for more simplicity.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 🙂

Dailypriceaction Timeframe


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