Happy New Year! Plans for The DeepSpaceFX Blog for 2020

Hello Traders and happy new year!

In this post, I wanted to breakdown my plan for 2020 and forward for the DeepSpaceFX blog. 2019 has been an incredible year in terms of productivity. I was able to release a plethora of informative content here on the DeepSpaceFX blog and the Youtube Channel. I also continued to back test and forward test my UFO Strategy trading system before releasing this month. Here we are 3 years later and the system is almost ready to be released to the public. Not only has the system proven itself to be profitable, but I truly believe that it will revolutionize the art of Forex trading for beginners and seasoned traders alike. I have dedicated the last 3 years of my life to the development of my trading system and have shared it with a couple of friends and a few experienced Forex traders for testing purposes. Now all that’s left is to polish it, and add a few finishing touches to ensure it is released by the highest standards and ease of use.


If you would like to see the full outline of what the UFO Strategy entails, please visit the link here.


The Plan for 2020


UFO Strategy releasing THIS MONTH


Now that we are in the first month of January, I would like to confirm that the UFO Strategy Forex system WILL BE released sometime this month, preferable by the second week. I know I have been keeping you guys up to date for quite sometime, but I want to guarantee a completely polished and refined Forex system. People’s lives are dependent upon on my trading system so I take this extremely seriously. Hence, the three year development of this system alone. I will make a public announcement here on the blog and on my Youtube Channel, and will also blast out an email to all current subscribers days before the release. So be on the lookout!


UFO Strategy Scalping



Public Telegram for all Paid Members



So aside from just uploading content on both the blog and the Youtube channel, I wanted to build an actual community around the DeepSpaceFX Trading system. With that being said, I have plans on opening a public telegram group, available to members who have purchased the UFO Strategy Forex System. This will ensure that newbies and experienced forex traders have a hub to give and exchange advice, chart analysis and anything else deemed helpful for the group. I will also be posting signals in the group for absolutely free, at no additional cost to pre-exiting members. This will be especially helpful to those of you who may struggle to trade London session in the late hours of the night starting out.



The DeepSpaceFX Stategy (Long Term- Swing Trading) 


Deepspacefx Strategy


In addition to the UFO Forex Trading System, I’ll also be releasing the DeepSpaceFX Strategy sometime in the spring. This strategy is about 70% done, and is aimed towards those who prefer longer term swing trading with higher starting capital. This is more of a set and forget trading system in which you could literally hold trades for days or even weeks. It is also designed to include notification alerts, so the system automatically scans the charts every day for new trading opportunities and will alert you on your phone via the MT4 APP. The best way to trade!



DeepSpaceFX Clothing and Merch (Coming soon)

And of course, since the DeepSpaceFX blog is out here changing lives, what better way to show your appreciation than to represent? Sometime within the next couple of months I plan on creating a clothing and merch store here on the DeepSpaceFX blog for all you Forex Astronauts out there. I haven’t created any designs yet, but I do run a clothing line for another business of mine unrelated to Forex, so it would be awesome to showcase my talents in that regard for my Forex community!


More Helpful Content Uploads. Live ‘DeepSpace’ Trading Sessions 



For all members both paid and unpaid, I will continue to write, and upload very beneficial content here on the blog and the Youtube Channel. But I want to make things more interesting and interactive, so do be expecting a gradual alteration in the theme of my content and how it is being done. Also, for paid members of the UFO Forex System, I’ll be uploading videos a few times a week of LIVE trading sessions during London session. I will refer to these sessions as, ‘DeepSpace’ Trading Sessions. ‘DeepSpace’ trading sessions will show my screen during live trading, and will begin midnight CST will last 1-2 hours depending on trade activity.


In addition to more content uploads and live trading sessions, I also plan on releasing more E-books. So far, I only have 1 e-book that I released to the public a few months back called, the “DeepSpace Price Action E-Book” which has already amassed over 800+  downloads! There will be more e-books to come that will thoroughly cover other aspects of Forex trading related to the DeepSpaceFX trading methods.


Well that’s it for my plans for 2020 so far! I’m very sure that as the year carries on, I’ll be coming up with more ideas as my brain is constantly working 24/365. That’s what keeps things fun and interesting. I look forward to an amazing year with each and everyone of you as my students and I hope to help you cultivate a better life for yourself by learning and mastering the art of Forex Trading using the DeepSpaceFX approach. We’re blasting off to space, and the only direction is on-wards and upwards from here on out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at support@deepspacefx.com or deepspacefxblog@gmail.com


-Brandon Peoples

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