How Forex Can Literally Change Your Life! (My Greatest Post To Date)

Trading Forex professionally from home is the ultimate fantasy for many people  and the uplifting news is that anybody can acquire this skill. In this post I’m gonna give you clear succinct break-down on the most proficient method to accomplish and live a life of freedom. Let’s take a gander on why anybody can figure out how to trade Forex and win on the off chance that they get the correct instruction. Furthermore, we’ll cover having the right attitude, errors to keep away from, how to get the correct instruction and a straightforward Forex exchanging methodology which is anything but difficult to comprehend, apply and can make large benefits.

We should begin and take a gander at the energizing universe of exchanging currencies for benefit. Exchanging currencies is the last wilderness of the free market economy and speaks to one many organizations where you can begin with little stakes and assemble a great income. Everything about Forex can be explicitly adapted by anyone who wants to get involved. This is in light of the fact that they dedicate the time to see how this business sector truly works.

Proof that ANYONE can be profitable:

During the 1980’s Forex exchanging legend Richard Dennis, set out to demonstrate that everything about foreign Exchange could be scholarly learned. Furthermore, he concluded anybody could do it, with the correct mentality and the correct instruction. He assembled a gathering of dealers who had never traded before. And with all things considered, both genders had different degrees of instruction.


Richard dennis


The selected bunch included:

– A Professional Actor

– A security Guard

– A kid fresh out of school

– And two or three card players

As you can see, the group was quite diverse, ranging from different backgrounds.

Dennis then instructed them to exchange only 14 days – so what was the outcome?

They proceeded to make $100 million in only 4 years and became Forex trading legends.

This group was later nicknamed “the turtles” and succeeded at this point. But aren’t we already aware that statistically speaking, 95% of traders lose. So what did they do right?

This post will shed light on a few responses and what you have to do to make proper Foreign Exchange progress.

Of course, you may not become as effective as this group – however it’s a reality that anybody can appreciate in the world of Forex achievement – in the event that they have the correct mentality and correct training.


Common Trading Mistakes:

Most of individuals who trade Forex lose which is attributed to the 95%. This may appear to be incomprehensible as far as what we have said so far however, the stat has continued long before since Forex started. Numerous traders lose in light of the fact that they make wrong suspicions about their trades which leads to basic errors. In regards to using Forex Robots or Expert Advisors, they are everywhere throughout the net and even the most modest robotized Forex programming bundles, charging thousands of dollars and promising riches overnight, simply do not work.

On the off chance that Forex exchanging were as simple as that, connecting a modest robot and afterward kicking back and letting the cash move in, everybody would be rich and nobody would work!

Stay away from such frameworks and find a working Forex system with strict rules and a safe money management strategy that is simplistic in nature that works for you. The interesting thing is that the holy grail DOES exist. The only problem is that most traders lack discipline on following simple trading rules as per a trading system, and possess a natural tendency to over complicate the process. Which leads many to believe that most trading systems out there are just ineffective.

You have to be keen on receiving the proper Forex training and maintain a strategic distance from the fantasies.



First, let’s debunk some common Forex myths and getting the wrong education:

– Having a strategy that is way too convoluted


Price Action Forex
In the comedic realm of the Forex World, we refer to this as a “Christmas Tree” chart


Numerous traders think the more convoluted their Forex system is, the more likely it is to be fruitful. However, the exact
inverse is valid. The less complex a Forex system is, the more probable it is to prevail despite ever evolving
severe economic situations. A straightforward Forex system like the DeepSpaceForex systems for example, is more vigorous than a confounded one with many more components to break.

All in all – there is definitely no connection between the manner by which a muddled trading system are and how
fruitful it claims to be. So let’s recollect the expression – KISS- Keep it stupid simple.


Not Understanding the Core Logic of a Trading System:

Numerous traders attempt to follow a technique given to them by another person or a “discovery” exchanging framework where the rationale isn’t uncovered to them. All they get is the “surface level” info of the trading system, with no transparency. The issue here is that in the event that you don’t see how a Forex system works, you wont have skills and discipline to avoid times of draw-down and misfortunes.

Trading logic is a fundamental component of Forex trading and to have it you have to comprehend and be positive about whatever Forex system you choose to trade. In the event that you don’t have the control to follow the Forex system, you don’t have one! In the event that you know how the trading logic of a Forex system works, you will believe in it and in this manner you will have the option to succeed with discipline.


Not Understanding Money Management:

In the event that you trade Forex, sooner or later you will have a series of misfortunes and its nothing to be humiliated about. It happens to all traders including the best of the best. What you do need to do anyway is to psychologically prepare for them and ensure that you can persevere.

Trying to trade market noise:

Another immense error made by traders is to exchange the market clamor when the chances aren’t in support of them and this leads to misfortunes. The most ideal approach to trade any market is to establish the market sentiment on follow the trend. In the DeepSpaceForex systems, we cannot stress this enough. Take a look at any graph of any currency pair and you will see the more extended, long-term trends that will keep going for a considerable length of time- months or even years and it is with these trends that offers long term benefits and a secret “Edge” in the market. This is the main reason why the DeepSpaceForex systems is centered around the GBP/JPY pair, which has been on a strong downtrend or the longest time.

Numerous traders attempt to day trade however some moves are completely arbitrary. There is a tremendous market sentiment in the Forex exchange frameworks yet certain trading habits don’t work. For example, scalping is a dangerous game which can lead to quick profits, but also lead to incredible losses without a proper trading strategy.


Emotions & Discipline:

Traders who are too emotional often lose. That is to say, those who put their emotions in the forefront. Keeping your feelings out of Forex trading is troublesome feat as cash for the vast majority is an enthusiastic subject and when cash is on the line their feelings get included.

The one emotional attribute that is needed that any of the top traders will preach in this industry is one word: DISCIPLINE.

– It is the absolute most essential quality that will be covered more in depth. You are already aware of this, you just need a straightforward, winning Forex system like the DeepSpaceForex systems so you can apply it in order to win. While this sounds simple, most traders can’t accomplish it so we need to create a blueprint on how you can.



How to Get Started Trading Successfully:

There are 2 types of market examinations which centers around the flexibly and specialized technical analysis approaches.

For the amateur trader, the latter is the best approach to trading Forex and we have to analyze why.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is basically characterized as the study and interpretation of market activity using Forex charts. To help aid this process, the trader may use trading tools such as indicators, or no trading tools at all. For example, in the DeepSpaceForex trading systems, this all done for the purpose of first establishing trends.

It is anything but a technical science, it is a true art, and it works! But Why?

The reason why technical analysis is important is because it reflects the way traders perceive and interpret facts, which reflects human psychology. It’s not really supply and demand, or high’s and low’s that moves process, it’s actually people and how they perceive such data.

The greater part of this is that the biggest market moves in history have happened with next to zero change in the fundamentals. Markets breakdown and relax only after there are generally bullish and bearish rallies– which is a lot like how the human brain works.


All technical analysis does, is to advance that all charting activity will repeat itself time and time again. Charting activity mirrors ALL the basics.

Specialized traders could care less how or why certain pairs are moving – they simply want to reap the benefits when they to do!

Utilizing specialized technical analysis permits you dive deep into the reality of Forex for what it’s worth, as opposed to perusing or tuning in to the assessments of others. Remember that 95% of traders lose cash – on the grounds that they’re affected by ravenousness and dread and this is driven by false fantasies.

The more bullish the news the more greedy the average trader will become. Eventually, this results in the being pushed up far beyond the reasonable fair value and a crash occurs, resulting in trading accidents that leads to misfortunes.

Technical Analysis permits you to see prices in historical terms and furthermore the instability and dread that present in bull and bear markets. Forex charts allow you to the the reality for what it truly is. And that is a colossal advantage.



Technical Analysis renders the following assumptions:

1. Markets Discount

All fundamentals in Forex are immediately limited and show up rapidly in the charts. At the point when you utilize technical analysis, you are contemplating the fundamentals for what they are – rather than taking a guess the impact of what is going on.

2. Trends ALWAYS Persist

Basic technical analysis can prove this – simply go to any currency pair chart on the highest time-frame, and zoom out. You’ll either see an upward slope, or downward slope. These are long-term trends – many lasting for several years.

3. History Repeats itself

The premise of technical analysis is that what has occurred in the past will happen again later on. This is why it is so compelling and effective. Human behavior also tends to repeat itself as well. As trends and chart patterns reflects changes in human psychology, it outlines that specific patterns will rehash themselves.


Utilizing Technical Analysis:

Your main goal when utilizing technical analysis is to establish the market sentiment, and identity the trends so you can be on the right side of the trades.

Human behavior always repeats itself – however remember people can be unusual and unpredictable as well and that is reason why proper technical analysis is an art more than it is a science.

Always be cautious of those who claim that they can foresee the future in the charts with logical precision – because they can’t! This happens with alot of finance advisors in the stock market. If that was in fact true, then all of us as traders would be able to predict all market moves ahead of time and the market would not exist.

Utilizing proper technical analysis implies that you can shift the odds in your favor, and reap the long term benefits.



Find a Trading System that works:

If you want to make promising profits in the Forex markets, then you should already know that the best way to accomplish this is to either build your own successful Forex system, or join a pre-existing successful Forex system. Any trader (even a beginner) can fabricate or become part of an effective FOREX trading system – and this post will show you why.


ufo forex strategy v2.0


What Makes a Successful FOREX Trading System?

A successful Forex system like the DeepSpaceForex Systems has 3 main characteristics:

1. They are Simple

Disregard any and all complex Forex systems with many rules – straightforward methodologies work better – and are
more risk averse to prevent from falling flat, in the fierce universe of foreign exchange.

2. They Run Profits and Cut Losses

The DeepSpaceForex Systems teaches a more extended Forex strategy that rides the trends for benefit, and cuts the losses rapidly.

3. They Follow Long Term Trends

There is no reason to trade Forex for such little rewards as you will never be able to cover your unavoidable loses in the future with small gains.

Concentrate on riding the trends – it is with this strategy that will reward you with enormous profits, as trends can keep going for a considerable length of time.


The DeepSpaceForex Method

We have said to keep it basic, and this is actually what you ought to do – only a set of easy to follow rules, and a robust money management strategy.

1. Finding Opportunities

First, establish the overall market sentiment and confirm whether you are in a bullish or bearish market. Next, go down to the lower time-frame for entries and trade in unison with the overall trend you have already established.

2. The Best Way to Trade Currencies?

There are a wide range of techniques and all have there merits here, however we will take a look at an immortal method to
bring in cash which will work and will continue to work and is easy to comprehend and apply.

3. A Simple Trading System for Profit

Let’s uncover why the DeepSpaceForex systems will uncover a gateway for successful Forex profits, which has a rationale that is so straightforward, ANY trader will see why it works, and why it will keep on working.

If you utilize the DeeSpaceForex framework in the Forex markets, you can possibly reap major rewards when riding trends.

We have all heard this trading speculation mantra : “To make money you must buy low and sell high”

However, there is a more superior method to make large profits and the knowledge is: “Buy high and sell higher”

It is a proven fact that major market moves start from new market highs NOT antiquated market lows.



Breakout Systems are Supreme for Catching the Big Profits:

A working breakout system like the DeeSpaceForex Systems doesn’t attempt to foresee a market base – it hangs tight for CONFIRMATION and THEN trades the breakout.

It will wait for the market to cause a breakout either to the high side or to the low side during the right market session, so long as it is following the direction of the trend.

Once the trend is identified, a solid breakout will occur, and the clever trader hopes to be on the right side of the trade.

Try not to attempt to foresee or predict market movements – follow up on the affirmation of chart activity and the truth as reflected in the markets.
You can make great rewards on these breakouts if done correctly – Let’s take a look at the GBP/JPY pair. From this, you will see practically all the strong breakouts that have occurred.


DeepSpace FX Trends


1. The Best Risk Reward

How about we take a look at the psychology of breakouts with a hypothetical example:

Due to the High ATR of the GBP/JPY pair, it results in massive breakouts. If you enter in the breakouts, you have the ability to maximize your risk/reward ratio to gain massive profits, but also cover future losses, many times over. This ensures a very stable trading experience. The hazard is low, and the price is high.

Numerous traders would prefer not to do this – and have a false belief that they are “pursuing” the move, and need a pullback – which sometimes never comes, and out of fear they miss out on the enormous benefits.

Remember the well-known adage:

“A trend is more bound to proceed than turn around”

With that being said, it’s just a matter of having the psychological discipline to stay in strong trends rather than exiting to soon.As a trader you have to understand the importance of this so you understand how fruitful it is to have this mindset.


2. Breakout Trading is can be Easy – But remember to keep these major points in mind:

Here is a snappy agenda on the most proficient method to trade breakouts when trading the DeepSpaceForex systems:

– Be Selective

Only trade a few legitimate setups where all the rules are strictly. Back-test as much as possible whenever the markets are closed.

– Implement Multiple Time-frame analysis

Multi-time-frame analysis is a secret weapon to have in your trading arsenal. It acts as a “predictive” filtered approach when establishing higher time-frame trends, and then making trade entries on lower time-frames that are in unison with the higher time-frames trends.

– Check The Momentum

Try and perceive how solid the breakout will be by adhering to the ATR, by utilizing the right indicators to make sure you have price momentum in your favor.

– Place Your Stop loss!

In reality, a stop-loss acts as “insurance” when trading the markets. It provides you with protection the instant a trade is placed.

The proper way to utilize breakouts is to be particular and just exchange the obvious breakouts – you need to approach this using multi-time-frame analysis and detection of trend direction.


Trader Money


3. The Right Mindset

The real reason many traders lose is lack of discipline. You’d be surprised that there are more working forex systems out there than there are obsolete forex systems. The reason for this is that most traders fail to follow a simple set of instructions.

4. Desert Your Ego

This is a significant issue and many traders deal with who have inner egos. The issue is, many of them think they are more intelligent or greater than the market and can force their will on it and bring in cash by being shrewd.

In actuality, only the market is always right and you CAN be wrong.

Many traders can’t acknowledge this fact and the harder they attempt to beat the market by being shrewd the more money they lose.

A trader with a pompous sense of self or who thinks they are overly savvy will never make money trading Forex. Simple as that.


Forex trading ego


5. Cut your losses short and let your winners run.

This is an archaic and notable technique and it’s true. Most traders can figure out how to let winners run, but most fail to cut losses quickly.

The simple part is cutting losses– which essentially means setting your stop loss before you even enter the trade). However, when in losing trades many traders do what is known as “revenge trading”. Which means that in a losing trade, the are continuously moving their stop loss farther and farther away from their entry point, hoping that it turns back around in their favor at some point. The other part is letting your winners run, but many traders also will set a define take profit. Which is fine, but if you identified strong trends and rode those same trends, then profits would be maximized rather than fixed.

The ONLY way you will accomplish large profits is by concentrating on the long trends and not the momentary swings of price against you. The DeepSpaceForex systems teaches you to establish market sentiment and ride the trends.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know It’s difficult to sit on a trade for a considerable length of time, weeks or even months but that is the best thing that you need to do. Most traders can’t do this.


6. Try not to waste your precious time

Many traders have great trading systems, however they neglect to stay with them through times of draw-down. It can be demotivating and makes them lose hope in a system that they have either created, or become part of. So what do they do?

They supersede the trading rules or dump it it for a new one.

After a time of draw-down, benefits can happen yet numerous traders need tolerance and need to compel such discipline if they want to be victorious.

If you indeed have a sound strategy don’t “waste time” by continually slashing and evolving!

7. Acknowledge Trading for What it Is

You are exchanging a high stakes game where you have to take misfortunes to win over the long-run. Bulls and bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered. Forex will compensate you for sticking to your trading methodology – that is it.

Nothing and no one can beat the market. It will make you look inept and disappoint you yet that doesn’t mean it can’t reward you. It can, for sure – however you most concentrate and center yourself on what’s imperative to win and this is
hard for most traders.

To make money in the Forex market includes a straightforward methodology, concentrating on how and why markets move, and
building up an edge that can be applied with discipline to achieve all that you desire.



Last Words – Remember the Turtles!

As I mentioned earlier in this post, when Dennis introduced the turtles to Forex, he realized that to succeed with a fruitful Forex strategy was insufficient – it was the discipline to apply it which was generally significant. Most individuals don’t flop in Forex on the grounds that they can’t gain proficiency with a strategy, anybody can – yet applying it is an alternate matter.

The strategy the turtles learned was basically a drawn out breakout technique yet Dennis made them learn it, and they displayed their astuteness. He instructed them to have certainty and control and this was the way in to their victory. Be like the turtles.

If you found this post informative, I challenge you to go to and join the spaceship. I hope to have you onboard the fleet and as always, keep on trading!



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