How Forex Trend Indicators Can ACTUALLY Help You

As I previously mentioned many times before, I love trends; but what happens when a trend turns? Is it truly viable to use forex trend indicators to help identify a change in trend direction? Regardless of what time-span you trade, your trend will eventually turn and change its direction. It is very important that you can perceive the start of a change in trend direction. The primary indication of a trend turn for the most part comes as a reversal candle or change in indicator behavior depending on your trading approach. At that point, you will have a clear indication of whether the trend will change direction or not. That is the main reason why it is important that you figure out how to identify such behavior on your charts like a violin player learns to identify music notes when reading sheet music.


Things you need to search for in a legitimate trend change are the following:


1. First, determine if the trend has been truly running for some time, and a substantial reversal signal has formed). (With the exception of on a smaller time period, those patterns can change very quickly!)


2. A trend-line break, for example, can typically be a decent sign. On the trend-line break, make certain to trust that the candle will close. On the off chance that it closes outside of the line, you might need to affirm the legitimacy of the breakout with an indicator, for example, a MA (Moving Average). I am not a big fanatic of trend-lines since they are slacking information, and the way everyone draws trend-lines is relatively subjective. However, in some cases, it would be astute to utilize one, whichever one best suits you. In a legitimate pattern break your MA will for the most part be broken as well.


3. I also think the most significant piece in a substantial change in trend direction is if price outperformed the past pertinent high/low.


4. More importantly, there are literally thousands and thousands of forex trend indicators online that can help you identify trend reversals. Not only were they programmed and designed to detect trend changes, but when combined with an alert feature, it can really make trading that much less stressful for you. Gone are the days when you have to constantly watch the charts. A good example of this is my 100% stress-free, alerts based Forex system.



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Commonly, a decent buy or sell signal comes when a candle paints a reversal pattern, whether in an uptrend or downtrend. However not generally, because it can also indicate a trend CONTINUATION. A decent sign could emerge out of the end of a reversal candle pattern, in an upswing or downswing. This is the place of tolerance that will prove to be useful in gaining profit. On the off chance that the reversal trend pattern or forex trend indicator isn’t legitimate (which means it repainted falsely), at that point, you can wait for the reversal pattern or indicator to alert once more again. The main thing you want to make sure of is to get in on the beginning of a PROPER trend and stay in as long as possible. Ride the wave. Don’t get out too early. And if you have fortunately found yourself on the wrong side of the trend, cut your losses short!


A breakout can definitely be a substantial sign to finish off your benefits after witnessing a change in trend direction when it lines up with your forex trend indicators. Trend inversions are significant in light of the fact that most traders need to buy close to the base when value starts to go up and sell close to the top when value starts to go down, and that implies hanging tight for a legitimate affirmation before bouncing in and getting your butt handed to you!


A change in trend direction can be useful for 0pips-1000pips depending upon the total time you can ride the trend and stick to the trade. For instance, the 5 min graph will give you many more trade opportunities, yet they are less solid. All the way up to the monthly chart, the farther up you go in time-frame, the considerably more prone you are to receive progressively precise trade opportunities. So far this year, GBP/JPY alone has given me a total of 2000+ pips, and that’s just one pair alone. GBP/JPY tends to have a high ATR compared to other pairs). Longer-term traders or “swing” traders have had the benefit of such long term trend trades, yet they are an entire group unto themselves.


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Trend starts and trend ends!


Keep in mind, however, trends will in generally proceed or reverse, nothing always continues without fail, and in the event that you become a fruitful trader; you will need to advise yourself that neither value nor reversal patterns trade a similar way never-endingly. So as to trade effectively you must be adaptable. You must realize when to become bullish and when to go bearish at the right time. Realize when to hold em’ realize and when to cease em’, realize when to leave them, and realize when to snatch your benefits and ride that trend.


The way things are; I don’t plan to do too many posts on reversal patterns and candle arrangements. As the nature of my forex systems relies heavily on the efficiency of forex trend indicators. Yet you are free to visit my youtube channel where I have helpful video recordings that I believe are useful to traders both beginner and seasoned!


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