My Story

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What is Forex?

Simply put, Forex is an ATM card to money if you have the right tools and strategy to show you how to access this $5 TRILLION dollar market. Forex, also known as “foreign exchange”, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 TRILLION. All the world’s combined stock markets don’t even come close to this. In other words, Forex ain’t going nowhere! So what does that mean to you? Take a closer look at forex trading and you may find some exciting trading opportunities unavailable with other investments.



My Story

So I had the wrong idea regarding how to exchange forex, and It took me nearly 5 years to finally understand this. Do not allow this to transpire! At the point when I began back 5 years ago I was truly searching for any forex trading system that could give me a 100-500% return every month. That being said, I was totally betting with the entirety of my forex trading representing the initial 5 years of this journey. I am not ashamed to conclude that I was gullible and lost thousands of dollars throughout my 5 year journey of trading Forex. Overt-time, my mental health deteriorated and my bank account became empty. These are the facts of my life.



But even after the large misfortunes I had to endure, I refused to surrender. I abhorred investing such a great amount of energy and money into something just to quickly discard it. I instructed myself throughout the following years and traded various demo accounts utilizing various forex trading strategies. Some of you may know me personally. Forex is something I am deeply passionate about, and I’ve always loved the idea of introducing others to the skill.  I’ve learned upwards to 50+ forex trading strategies over the course of the last 5 years, many of which  I still know by heart (I’m serious). While I was teaching myself, I kept the thought in the rear of my head that I could possibly in any case make back the thousands of dollars I lost back one way or another with a supernatural Holy Grail System. I simply needed to discover it. Indeed, following 6 years of searching, digging, trying and testing,  I never discovered it. Around my 2nd year of trading Forex,  I realized that it was slowing me down and hindering my success. At this point, ravenousness had consumed me and was used as a powerful weapon against me which led to blowing up all my demo accounts. Now and again it took just a couple of days and now and again a couple of months. I attempted so many Forex Trading Systems on various sites online to find a solution. I additionally purchased, dumped tons of my own hard earned money into Forex education and trading systems, and constructed several strategies also, one of which became publicly released back in 2016 called “Sleepy Forex“. None of the ones I discovered worked with me in my attempt to make 50-100% every month. In the 3rd year I came to the ultimate realization that trying to find the “holy grail” was simply not practical as a forex trader.


So then I returned to the drawing board. As some of you may realize I started this blog about a year and a half ago to share my journey with the world on developing a profitable Forex Trading system. That plan of action utilized a particular philosophy that permitted me, as a trader, to benefit in any market. Up, down sideways or extending. I assembled this Forex Trading System while hanging tight due to explicit forex trading market conditions which was extremely tedious. In the process of years and many, many sleepless nights building, back-testing, forward testing my system, I came across a plethora of roadblocks and obstacles. I understood it was entirely significant and had beneficial potential. I forced myself to persevere and never give up so I could wrap up this Forex Trading System successfully in harmony to share with the world.


Since that time, I unobtrusively took all of the best advice and components of forex trading; and made a few Forex Trading Systems utilizing many comparative forex strategies that I came across over the past 5 years. Only a select few of them I was certain were gainful, but I still made it happen. They followed the patterns, had numerous affirmation markers, utilized S/R, proper trading times, alert notifications, and even examined upcoming news events. After a drawn-out period of time of careful experimentation, I just turned out with a few winning arrangements out of the 50+. I realized that these few frameworks would be gainful for the long haul so I eventually had them coded into EA’s, (which I will share later on at some point). Following a time of testing and 50 different distinct adaptations, I was at long last wrapping it up. The final result is the thing that I’ve been needing for a considerable length of time!


My mantra for trading Forex is developing a system that reduces as much stress as humanly possible to make trading almost effortless. The more stressful it is, the more it interferes with your emotions which later leads to your account’s downfall.


There are many trading systems and Gurus that claim to have the ability to make you rich overnight. But aren’t you tired of wasting your money on systems that lack results? Gurus who show off what they supposedly bought with their forex money and signal services that has the results of a fool who knows nothing about trading at all? I have struggled with all of this foolishness and decided to spend over 3 years developing a trading system and style that is SIMPLE. It is literally a point and click, set, and forget system. I originally set out to create a simple system to teach my closest friends so that they could know how to make money at will. However, after sharing my system with a few of my friends, people who knew nothing about trading were able to know “EXACTLY” how to trade in minutes by simply matching up a few colors/indicators and becoming profitable!


So, after learning my system which should take you no more than an hour, you will have the tools and skillset to teach others as I did. And change your life for the better. So come join me on the spaceship, and let’s journey into DeepSpaceFX together.


Brandon Peoples


Tools Needed: A laptop/PC is needed to complete this course successfully. I also highly recommend using a mobile phone for notification alerts (more on this below) as this will greatly improve the effectiveness of your trading without having to be in-front of your screen on all day.


Course Outline: I have 2 different Forex Strategies. One is a scalping strategy (UFO Strategy) and the other is a longer term, intra-day strategy (DeepSpaceFX Strategy).  The DeepSpaceFX Strategy is still currently in the back-testing beta phase. So I highly advise new traders to start off with the UFO system to build capital for trading higher time-frames. 


DeepspaceFX Strategy (Intra-Day) – Not yet released

Deepspacefx Strategy


UFO Strategy (Scalping)

UFO Strategy Scalping


*This course is more than just a series of tutorial videos and a zip file download.*

Self-paced and asynchronous learning:

You can study whenever you want at whatever pace works best for you, but still interact with myself as the mentor and other members. It doesn’t matter what your educational level is, if you are teachable, you can learn how to trade.


2 paths – Pick one



Before you trade the UFO Forex Strategy, you have to decide which type of trader you will be: A Scalper, or a Swing Trader. This will be dependent upon the method you will use. Every NEW member of the DeepSpaceFX community will have to make this determination.


The Alerts System:

One of the most powerful features about this system is the notifications alert system. This means that wherever you are, whether you’re sleep or out and about away from the charts, you will be notified of potential trade opportunities. Notification alerts are setup to notify you of a trade opportunity on your phone via the MT4 app. Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of the charts for hours and hours waiting for the right setup. This allows you to enjoy your life day in and day out and not stress about scavenger hunting for setups. This is especially beneficial for trading longer time-frames like the 4hr and up. Are you worried about not being able to stay on your laptop/PC for extended periods of time?? Perhaps you work during the day and you’re looking for a way to fit Forex into your schedule? Or maybe you just can’t stand to look at your charts for more than 10 minutes? Well, that’s about to change. Because if you’re like me, I deeply value my life, health, and sleep away from the computer.

I have come up with the perfect solution. Included in your membership, you will have access to the email alert system.
​(look below)…

Email Alerts System explained:

Included with the system, you will have custom indicators that automatically and immediately send email alerts the moment a new trade opportunity is found on the charts. You will learn how to connect your MT4 account to your email SMTP server (whether it be GMAIL, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc.) This is so you can receive INSTANT email notifications on your phone whenever the trades are found, WHEREVER YOU ARE! And then just simply place your trades using the MT4 app on your phone as per the rules and go about your day! 



email alerts



Note: WE DON’T TRADE NFP, FOMC, ETC NEWS. This system shows you how to get enough trades during all other times wherein you do not have to trade such news.

Frequently asked Questions:

Answer: Good question! The best way I can answer this is to lead you to the same resources that I learned from. In the very beginning I learned the very basics of Forex by watching these 2 videos explained by the Alpari UK company which can be found here:

Lesson 1 - What is Forex and how does It work?

Lesson 2 - Pair characteristics (the majors and the crosses)

And last but not least, after watching those two videos, I have learned everything I needed to learn about Forex from the great Nick Bencino- Creator of Forex4noobs, and babypips. Forex4Noobs will provide you with a basic, easy to follow introduction to Forex Trading in general. Babypips however, covers the technical aspects of it. Of ALL the websites and the endless # of videos online, I learned Forex mainly from these 2 websites. Please visit the links below, read EVERYTHING on each page, and then click the "next" tab at the bottom of the page. After completing the course you will feel a sudden surge of excitement to trade due to the insight you'll quickly gain about the Forex Market.
Answer: The complete system has more than eight indicators to read the market and understand what’s going on with less than 1 minute of analysis time for the typical traders. Out the 8, only 1 repaints because it plays a significant role in giving advanced warning of a trend change. It is called a “predictive” indicator. As with all predictions, they are normally never exact, but quite useful in shedding light on changes that will occur soon. We use several other indicators for conformation of entry points. They are known as “reactive” indicators. So, when using “predictive” and “reactive” indicators in combination, you end up with a highly predictable and effective trading system when used in accordance with our simple trading rules.
Answer: The UFO Forex System costs only $100 to enroll. This is a ONE TIME fee. Meaning, NO MONTHLY FEES, and no random hidden fees in the future. The $100 covers your lifetime membership. That means that any and all updates in the future for the UFO Forex System are completely free to all members. Forever. Not to mention, mostly any other Forex System you'd come across online right now, would easily charge in the hundreds upwards to the thousands or even tens of thousands. I'm not kidding.  I made this system very reasonably price for the average trader, both novice and seasoned.
Here’s What You Get When You Join Today:
  • Access to my members only training and download center.
  • My personal contact info to reach out to me as your mentor 1 on 1.
  • Free lifetime updates, private tutorials and more.
  • 7 day access to the mentor via whatsapp, sms and email.
  • Continuous private uploads on Youtube every week of online/offline training with myself {will be recorded as well};
  • My personalized compound plan to help you get from $100 to $1000 in 20 trading days. (If it wasn't possible I wouldn't be sharing it...!)
  • And of course The UFO Trading System all for only a one time cost of $80 + tax.
  • Everything you will need to learn in order to start being profitable in the FOREX markets.
I highly recommend only these 2 brokers They are the only ones I use:

Answer: I have always had the dream of becoming self sufficient, live life on my own terms and escaping the rat race once and for all. To help turn this dream into a reality, for the past 7 years, I have been involved in almost every single "make money online" opportunity to ever exist. I have fallen victim to, and lost thousands of dollars in MLM's, pyramid schemes, scams, you name it. Amidst all of the trials and tribulations, trading Forex has been the number one opportunity that has provided me with the realistic results I've always yearned for. Is it hard? Hell yes. Is it risky? Of course. The good news is that I have sacrificed tens of thousands of hours of my life to provide you with a system that WORKS. Luckily for you, your precious time is preserved and you don't have to put in the same # of hours as I did, treading through the brain busting learning curve; let alone struggling to become consistently profitable. What makes Forex special, apart from other business models, is that there is no selling involved, customers to deal with, cold calling, purchasing of inventory, lead generation, etc. Forex is binary in nature. You're either in the money, or out the money. You're either in the green, or in the reds. Meaning, your success determined by how well you are able to interpret market data. And your profitability is at the mercy of how well you can take advantage of such data. For the longest time, I have witnessed many people in my personal life (including myself), endure a plethora of financial hardships that were beyond control. As a result, I vowed to to develop a system that would enable me to help others easily make more money on the side so that they could improve their lives at will. So I spent the past 5 years of my life teaching myself the art of Forex to the point where I became proficient enough to teach others to trade and make money on their own. Hence, the DeepSpaceFX Blog was born. This blog has given me the ability to share my footprints of the latter stages of the development of my system with complete transparency to the public. I never promise anyone that this will make them rich. I don't sell hype or dreams. I keep things very realistic. I simply want to help others create an additional stream of income, or even a replacement income of their full-time job if that's what they seek. All the while following a system devised with a strict, concrete set of rules to ensure your profitability. It can and will change your life if you take it serious enough.




Backtest results
5 year back-testing report results via BlueFX Trading Simulator. Straight SL/BE/TP targets. Never over-optimized. GBP/USD used as it was my favorite, most volatile pair to trade in that range of time. 

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