UFO Strategy 12-6-2019 | Weekly Analysis

I have decided to do a series of videos where I cover the trade opportunities that have presented themselves using my UFO Strategy. The UFO Strategy is a 3+ year development phase where I put in thousands of hours devising and tweaking the system. You can view the video here. These are my results for the trading week ending in 12-6-2019 with a total of 298+ PIPS.

How I banked 140 pips during London Session

UFO Strategy Weekly analysis


In the video, I explained how I banked a total of 140 pips on Wednesday, 12-4-2019 alone! That means that on that particular day, I far exceeded my weekly goal. The london session breakout provided me with more than enough pips once all of my trading rules were met. Asian session consolidated, I took note of the asian high/low of the session, and as soon as the candle broke out of that zone; I started to examine my indicators for the perfect trade opportunity. By using my secret multi-time frame analysis approach as shared in my Price Action E-book, I was able to determine what direction to trade the breakout. By using this method, I am able to avoid fake-outs/false breakouts to the opposite direction of the true breakout. This is VERY crucial as making the wrong decision means that you will be on the wrong side of the trade!

I was able to ride that trend from the bottom of the yellow box you see in the photo all the way to the top using my “trend rider” approach. As opposed to using a fixed SL/TP. I also teach this in my UFO Strategy. It still amazes me how GBP/JPY “The Dragon” still manages to provide strong breakouts and volatility even towards the end of the year during holiday months. This is
why this has been the ONLY pair that I trade and study day in and day out.

If you are interested in the trading system and would like more details, please visit the link here: deepspacefx.com/the-strategy/

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